Safety and environment

Machines and plants for human and environmental safety: Safety systems for people and things such as firefighting equipment, personal protective equipment, safes, security locks, etc..


  • Locks, hardware and handles
  • Safes, armored doors and safes
  • Systems and soundproofing equipment
  • Devices for individual protection at work
  • Fireproof materials
  • Systems and equipment for the purification of waste waters
  • Systems and equipment for air purification
  • Plants for waste treatment
  • Road signs

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  • Events

    Balkan Joint Conference and Exhibition: catalog library

    The ICE Office in Tirana with its Pristina Correspondence Point, will curate a catalog library in the exhibition space of the "Water for All", VII edition of the Balkan Joint Conference and Exhibition.
    Organized by the associations that bring together the Albanian and Kosovan water and sewer supply managers, respectively SHUKALB and SHUKOS, the initiative will take place in Pristina, Kosovo, from 6 to November 8 2019, at the Emerald Hotel.

  • News

    Fire Prevention Code Update - Notification procedure started

    The Ministry of Economic Development, a department responsible for the procedure, sent to Brussels the draft ministerial decree updating the decree of the Interior Minister 3 August 2015 containing "Approval of technical standards for fire prevention, pursuant to article 16 of the decree legislative 8 March 2006, No. 139 ", prepared by the Ministry of the Interior - National Fire Brigade Corps.

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    When can you get off the Ple at high altitude? - An Aisem information brochure

    Aisem - Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Movement Systems ANIMA / Confindustria - has recently published a brochure offering useful information on the use of mobile elevating platforms.
    These platforms are extremely widespread in the execution of the most varied jobs, however it is not easy to know which platform is best suited to the job you intend to do, especially in relation to the need to make landings at a height from the platform itself.

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    Incentive production of energy from renewable sources - Signed the FER1 Decree

    Having obtained the green light from the European Commission, it was signed by the Minister of Economic Development, the Hon. Di Maio, and the Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Hon. Costa, the FER1 Decree, which aims to support - through incentives and procedures aimed at promoting effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability - the production of energy from renewable sources to reach the European targets at 2030 defined in the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate.

  • fairs

    OFSEC Expo - Oman Fire, Safety and Security Exhibition

    The fifth edition of the International Fire Fighting Program scheduled at the new Oman Convention and Exhibition Center, Muscat of the Sultanate of Oman.

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    #SCATTAILSEGNALE for road safety

    #Scattailsegnale is the initiative, which takes the form of a photo contest, promoted by Assosegnaletica federata ANIMA Confindustria and Konsumer Italia for the promotion of road safety.

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    Machines and equipment for outdoor use - Annual Surveillance Meeting on the ISPRA Market

    The annual meeting organized by ISPRA with the associations of machine and equipment manufacturers and with Notified Bodies on the 'Surveillance on the market of machines and equipment for outdoor use (pursuant to art. 4 Legislative Decree 262 / 2002) '.

    During the meeting the point was made:
    on the activities carried out by ISPRA during the 2018;
    on the use and updating of the MARA database;

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    UMAN - General Assembly

  • Events

    ASSOSEGNALETICA - A2 Conference "Autostrada del Mediterraneo"

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    Mission in Armenia

    As part of the collaboration with the ICE Agency and within the framework of the 2019 promotional Program, OICE organizes a Mission in Armenia of companies operating in the sector with the other Associations in the chain. Energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency), Environment (waste management), Construction, Smart cities and Restoration.

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