Safety and environment

Machines and plants for human and environmental safety: Safety systems for people and things such as firefighting equipment, personal protective equipment, safes, security locks, etc..


  • Locks, hardware and handles
  • Safes, armored doors and safes
  • Systems and soundproofing equipment
  • Devices for individual protection at work
  • Fireproof materials
  • Systems and equipment for the purification of waste waters
  • Systems and equipment for air purification
  • Plants for waste treatment
  • Road signs

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    MCE Comfort Technology Roadshow | ROME, 16 November

    In Rome, the next stage of MCE's Comfort Technology Roadshow: also AQUA ITALIA federated ANIMA among the protagonists of this initiative. Discover the program and take part!

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    Fire Prevention - Technical Rule School Activities

    In the Official Gazette no. 197 24 August 2017 7 Decree was issued August 2017 'Approval of fire prevention standards for school activities, pursuant to art. 15 of Legislative Decree 8 March 2006, no. 139 '.
    The technical standards introduced by the Decree can be applied to the school activities listed in Annex I of the Decree 151 / 2011 (activity: n.67) existing at the date of entry into force of the Decree (25 August 2017) or those of New realization, with the exception of kindergartens.

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    Annual energy event with ample room for sustainability and innovation.

    The ANIMA Association is also present at this edition with a promotional stand and the usual national conference on the issues of cogeneration and energy efficiency.

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    F-Gas 2017 Statement (figures for the year 2016)

    With reference to the annual deadline of May 31 for the compilation of the "F-Gas Declaration" for all the devices / stationary refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, fire protection, containing 3 kg or more of fluorinated greenhouse , we point out that you have activated the online system for the transmission of 2017 statement figures for the year 2016.

    The performance, as established by Article. 16, 1 paragraph of 43 / 2012 DPR implementing the EC Regulation 842 / 2006, is borne by the operators of such equipment.

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    The Road Signs: design, installation, maintenance.

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    AQUA EUROPE General Assembly

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    Meeting UNI-GL Signage Horizontal

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    Noise pollution: harmonization of national legislation

    The Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.79 April 4 us two legislative decrees have been published (Legislative Decree n. Of 41 17 2017 February and n.42 Decree of February 17 2017) on noise pollution, in implementation the delegation headed by the Government to reform the legislation measures on protecting the external environment and pollution of living environment noise produced by the fixed and mobile sound sources, in the light of Community legislation.

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    F-GAS - Decree of the DPR Revision 43 / 2012 in implementing the new F-Gas Regulation 517 / 2014

    The day 23 March, the Ministry organized a meeting on the revision of national legislation on F-Gases, during which it was presented and explained the new national decree that will replace the current DPR 43 / 2012.

    Among the main innovations introduced, it is noted in particular the establishment of a new electronic register relating to the sale of gas and of the equipment and systems that are not hermetically sealed containing fluorinated greenhouse gases affection (Art. 16)

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