The voice of ANIMA

  • 17/07/18

    The 4.0 Industry Plan, a positive sign from the institutions, we ask you to continue to support us

    On the occasion of ANIMA Forum 2018 "Man and technology towards the future of industry", the President of Anima Alberto Caprari focused on the innovation process initiated by the mechanical industries, essential for growth and competitiveness.

  • 12/07/17

    The good quality of products and technologies increases the export of mechanics

    President Caprari stated in his speech at the Smart Export event of ANIMA / Confindustria: "Export data seem more than confirming the quality of commercial relations between Italy and the rest of the world."

  • 30/03/17

    Italian mechanical Export: the comment of President Caprari

    "If Germany, France, UK and Spain maintain a steadily increasing trend for Italian products, are currently exception strong partner for our economy as the United States and Saudi Arabia.

  • 25/11/16

    Which Export to 2017 - Event SOUL November 25 2016

    "The fear was having to deal with much more dangerous economic and political consequences than expected. - Declares Alberto Caprari, President SOUL at the Event "Which Export 2017" - Even the last few months have not drawn a critical situation at export level. The events in Turkey did not cause effects on trade and the US election not have upset the bags. Nor is Brexit is affecting business life. The price of oil has settled on a barrel 50dollari becoming profitable.

  • 05/07/16

    The intervention of the President Caprari to the ANIMA Assembly

    Speaking at the public session of the Federation Assembly of July 5 2016, Alberto Caprari made an overview of the several topics involving ANIMA and companies representing mechanics closely, investigating and commenting primarily the main theme of the Event, the ' 4.0 industry.

  • 26/01/16

    The New Account Thermal

    "SOUL and its associations are deeply engaged on the topic of Energy Efficiency, is the true home of the best technology." This is the statement of the President of ANIMA Alberto Caprari following approval of the new account in the Thermal State-Regions Conference in the course of 20 last January.

  • 19/10/15

    The presence of ANIMA at HOST 2015

    "ANIMA has a historic partnership with Host. For this edition we will have a lounge containing the "benchmark of technological excellence for the Horeca." Clearly the aim is to consolidate the perception of completeness and expertise of the companies we represent and make that vision very impactful to all visitors and guests to the event buyers. Will be present and active associations Assofoodtec, EFCEM Italy and FIAC "says Alberto Caprari, President of ANIMA.

  • Marco Nocivelli, president of ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica

    The four vice-presidents who will complete the Committee's structure have also been nominated

  • The intervention of the President Caprari the press conference SOUL December 2015

    "Although to some it may seem 'little glamor', mechanical industry exports more in comparison to food, fashion and design sectors altogether - said Alberto Caprari, President ANIMA at the 15 Federal Press Conference of December 2015.

  • Open letter to the President Caprari owner of Bonatti

    Dear Paul, with great anger and concern I heard last night of the kidnapping of 4 Bonatti employees in Libya. As a businessman and as President of the Federation of Mechanics (but especially in their personal capacity) I express my nearest participation, at this moment for you so delicate. Mando hope that soon return tranquility to the families of the employees involved and your entire well esteemed company and flag-making of good Italian in the world.

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