The voice of climgas
  • 05/02/19

    The MiSE - Ministry of Economic Development - has published the third series of FAQs "CLARIFICATIONS IN THE FIELD OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDING"Concerning the application of the Ministerial Decrees of the 26 2015 (implementation of the 90 / 2013 Act, which in turn incorporates the European directive 2010 / 31 / CE on energy performance in buildings).
    In particular the 3.19 FAQ goes to fill the gap in the formula in the 1 Annex of Legislative Decree 28 / 2011, which unfairly discriminated the technology of gas conditioning.

  • 20/11/12

    Have a cooling plant for the production of chilled water is need widely in a large number of industrial sectors.
    The generation of the cold technique considered in this note is that obtained by the thermodynamic cycle called absorption, operated with a diluted solution of lithium bromide (LiBr) as a working fluid.