• 08/02/17

    Milan, 21 May 2018 - Anima Sicurezza has chosen as its president for the next two years Luigi Rubinelli.
    Veronese, a graduate in Civil Engineering at the University of Padua, is now a Managing Director and Technical Director of R & D at Conforti Spa. "In recent years, our association has undergone a substantial change, opening itself to other players in the physical security market to involve them in the project of" professionalization "of the sector".

  • 05/05/15

    When asked "Why ACICA changes and becomes ANIMA SICUREZZA solutions and services for the secure storage of goods and valuables?" The President replied:

  • 24/01/13

    In a recent interview, the President said: "I am honored by this important assignment during my presidency I intend to accelerate the process of change of the Association started by Mr. Amedeo and by the previous Board of Directors which I thank for the valuable work.
    The change is necessary in order to meet wtih market changes and new expectations of members.