Water bonus and Art. 137 Public procurement Code

AVR calls for measures to make them effective

On World Water Day, a precious resource not to be wasted and to be used in the best possible way, AVR wants to bring to the attention of public opinion and institutional stakeholders the importance of adopting a measure, the Water Bonus (Bonus Idrico), which has already been included in the 2021 Budget Law but has not yet been converted into an implementing decree (expected date of entry into force 1 March 2021).

The press release issued today underlines the importance of the measure, which was the result of a long collaboration between AVR, FEDERLEGNO ARREDO and FEDERCERAMICA, aimed at enhancing Italian excellence also in sectors that have been little considered so far but are actually important for water saving and energy efficiency, such as taps, shower heads and shower columns. AVR adds that the entire water network in Italy is in need of modernisation and there is no shortage of excellent technologies.

Another important aspect on which AVR wants to raise awareness is Article 137 of the Public procurement Code (Art. 137 Codice Appalti): it is recommended that contracting authorities adopt this article, albeit on a voluntary basis, so that at least 50% of the total amount of public contracts is awarded to Italian or European companies, which would bring numerous advantages such as the purchase of higher quality technologies, allowing the modernisation of waterworks, saving money in the long term for administrations, management companies and consequently citizens and increasing jobs in Italy and Europe.