AISEM and INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA a successful partnership

Strengthening the reference community and closely monitoring market changes here are the reasons for an alliance that points directly to INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA 2025

A synergy born in 2016 that will reach its climax at the fair in May 2025 with a series of meetings and conferences involving institutions, companies and universities. There will be no shortage of approach appointments designed to publicize and strengthen the community and platform created around this partnership.

“Aisem is proud to have renewed the partnership with INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA and to continue this now long-standing collaboration between two important representatives of the logistics supply chain,” - stresses Massimiliano Bariola, president of Aisem - “Our sector,” he continues, “has managed to maintain its growth trend despite the great difficulties faced in recent years, thanks in part to the association's commitment and the role of trade shows like INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA that offer great networking opportunities for companies. We are happy to take part in joint initiatives like this and work together to support a supply chain that is always committed to growth, with an eye on innovation and energy efficiency.”

“The world of intralogistics is in constant and great flux,” points out Andreas Zuege, general manager of the Italian branch of Hannover Fairs International GmbH, “for geopolitical and economic reasons. Warehouses have returned to the center of businesses and are no longer seen as a cost center, but as a great opportunity. On a strategic systemic level, because Italy is at the center of the Mediterranean, but also on a business level since supply chains have shortened and shortages of components of all kinds continue.Also to monitor these changes and increase its awareness of the sector INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA has chosen to continue to collaborate with Aisem.”