9 July 2019


The 11 companies from 1973 have had a variable development in relation to the corporate requirements proposed by the legislation. Today, the 50 member companies of Anasta represent 80% of the manufacturers operating in the domestic market of the sector, exporting more than 50% of what they sell on the Italian market worldwide.
At the same time, welding and cutting technology has evolved considerably with the adoption of electronics in the manufacture and control of operations and with the refinement of the formulas of consumable products, making the "Welder" profession safer and more technological.

In 2012 Anasta joined Anima Confindustria with the aim of creating a system and being more active in the evolution of the market.

Anima is the industrial trade organisation, which, within Confindustria, represents companies in the various and related mechanical engineering sectors that use welding and cutting processes in their production processes. 

Even today, the more than 100 companies in the sector are in part branches of multinationals operating worldwide and use management methods comparable to other small and medium-sized companies, a typical Italian company, whose management is taken care of by the entrepreneur and which makes the most of its ability to assert itself in a global market by virtue of typical Italian qualities of flexibility and agility; qualities that also infect the branches of multinational companies, operating territorially autonomously and expressing greater resources in research and development.


The Association divides its activities and services into 5 Professional Groups:

Group 1 - manual oxygas welding, cutting and heating

Group 2 - manual and semi-automatic arc and resistance welding and cutting

Group 3 - consumables

Group 4 - welding automation

Group 5 - cutting automation

This subdivision allows greater operability and incisiveness in responding to the real needs of users and manufacturers.