Technologies represented

ANIMA SICUREZZA represents the Italian companies that produce professional physical security according to the current regulations EN 1143, EN 1300 and EN 14450 and subsequent amendments and additions; Physical security distributors and Physical security service providers (maintainers).

The following related products and services are identified:

  • Anti-burglary and fireproof safes
  • Caveaux
  • Armored chambers
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Locks
  • Armored doors
  • Burglar-proof security cabinets and fireproof cabinets.

Our sector is regulated by European technical standards which provide for the certification of safes, locks and maintenance technicians. These rules are periodically updated and the association follows their evolution in Europe by participating in Eurosafe activities.

The quality and the technical level of the design and of the Italian product are highly appreciated also abroad and the interesting volumes are for the high security locks and for the safes for private use. European countries remain the major export markets.