ANIMA SICUREZZA organizes training courses as part of the professional qualification project for installers and maintenance technicians, carried out in collaboration with the ICIM certification body.

The course is based on the requirements, skills and competences required of the technician by the UNI 11557-2014 standard “Non-regulated professional activities - professional locksmiths and safe technicians”. The standard responds to the need to recognize the skills of locksmiths and safe technicians, but also to protect customers - private and non-private - who must be able to turn to experts trained in the installation and maintenance of locks and strongholds, in compliance with code of ethics and the principle of confidentiality.

We teach technicians how to deal with requests for intervention, how to prepare and conduct the intervention. The maintenance of a safe and lock implies not only technical skill, but also confidentiality, responsibility and complete and respectful communication with customers. The technician must know the mandatory rules and the risks related to the activity he is carrying out.

The courses are held by teachers belonging to companies associated with ANIMA SICUREZZA. ICIM has the task of examining and certifying technicians on the basis of the requirements, skills and competences required by UNI EN 11557, a standard for which ICIM is the first and only Italian certification body accredited by Accredia.

Stiamo inoltre programmando un corso di aggiornamento per i tecnici già certificati. 

We are also planning a refresher course for already certified technicians.

Register of certified installers and maintenance technicians

The goal of ANIMA Security and ICIM is the creation of a register of qualified and certified installers and maintenance technicians in accordance with the law. The register can be consulted on the ANIMA SICUREZZA website or alternatively on the ICIM website and