Regulations and insurance limits

ANIMA SICUREZZA, in line with EUROSAFE's recommendations, has produced a brochure explaining the "Grade" classification of resistance of safes according to European EN standards.

Conformity to the Degree of Resistance declared by the manufacturer is guaranteed by certification issued by recognised and qualified bodies.

Product certification is followed by the qualification and certification of the service and therefore of the maintenance technicians as required by UNI 11557-2014.

Insurers combine the amount of the stored value with the overall degree of risk of the premises where such values are stored, the type of activity and other parameters to formulate a premium value on the defined limits. The appropriate choice of the safe's degree of resistance allows a favourable definition of the insurance conditions.

The table indicates the minimum recommended values per degree of resistance of a safe. If additional security measures are required, the insurer may recommend increasing the insurance cover.

Massimali assicurativi casseforti