Safes, armored doors, vaults, HSL locks and their maintenance

How to choose the solution that meets regulations and risk reduction expectations

Anima Sicurezza is the Italian association representing since 1981 the best companies in the field of physical security, i.e., manufacturers, distributors and maintainers of general mezziforms and high-security locks (HSL); professional products with the purpose of guaranteeing the protection of goods and values from theft and/or fire danger (burglar and/or fireproof safes, security cabinets, vaults, ATM protection systems, locks and support services).

Anima Sicurezza, in addition to participation in European and national technical regulatory activities, aims to promote training courses for the professional growth of operators and to inform users about the attentions and considerations for choosing the best solution regarding:

  • To technical product characteristics;
  • To product certifications according to current regulations;
  • to the requirements for proper installation and maintenance of products.

Certification is an attestation issued by an accredited third party that establishes the conformity of a product, a service, or a professional to the technical, functional and quality specifications laid down in the reference standard. Thus, a certification issued by the manufacturer itself, or by those who are not accredited to do so, loses official and commercial relevance by being granted by those who have no official title to it or have a conflict of interest. In fact, a product with certification issued by a third party independent of the manufacturers allows the user to have the confidence that the product he or she is purchasing meets the essential requirements to resist break-in for the period of time and methods provided by the certification grade in case of attack by mechanical and/or thermal means and to protect the contents in case of fire for products intended for the storage of paper and/or digital or magnetic media.

estinated to the preservation of paper and/or digital or magnetic media.

A certified product, in addition to protecting the goods and values stored in it according to its degree of certification, allows the contents to be protected according to official tables valid throughout Europe that provide for an insurable value increasing with the degree of security allowing in addition, savings on the theft and/or fire policy.

Periodic maintenance and technical interventions are necessary to keep a halfway house efficient: these operations must be entrusted to qualified or certified technicians so that guarantees and the validity of the certification are not lost.

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