• Drinking water (techniques and products for refinement)
  • Water for technological use: steam generators, cooling and humidification (treatment plants)
  • Disinfection with ultraviolet rays (systems of)
  • Aqueducts (drinking water plant)
  • Water (refrigeration and carbonation systems)
  • Water (carbonating appliances and systems)
  • Chemical products for water treatment for technical and industrial use
  • Membrane for dialysis systems (technical systems)
  • Filter jugs
  • Physical water conditioning (systems)
  • Domestic hot and cold water (treatment plants)
  • Water for pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries (treatment plants)
  • Filters (mechanical filtration, microfiltration), softeners, dosing systems and membrane systems (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration)
  • Industrial waters (treatment plants)
  • Monitoring, regulation, and remote control (systems)