Technical area Aqua Italia

Aqua Italia, in cooperation with Federazione ANIMA, devotes great attention to the development of a strong technical culture in the sector.

Technical standards

  • Technical standards defining the characteristics of water for technological use (steam generators and related installations, thermal installations for civil use, water from cooling and humidification circuits)
  • Technical standards to define the characteristics of equipment for refining/improving the characteristics of drinking water (mechanical filters, softeners, additive dosing equipment, membrane and reverse osmosis separation systems), the respective Italian reference standards are published
  • Ministry of Health Decree of 07.03.2012 no. 25 "Technical provisions concerning domestic drinking water treatment equipment", which is today the best legislative instrument in the sector, through an approach also focused on correct information to the end user and having the ordinary/extraordinary maintenance of the equipment at its centre
  • Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption and its proper implementation in the various countries of the Union (in Italy by DL 31 of 02.02.2001 or DL 27 of 02.02.2002)
  • CEN Technical Standards on all equipment and products in the different countries of the Union for the treatment of drinking water, through CEN TC 164 WG13 and CEN TC 164 WG9
  • Single approval scheme for materials in contact with drinking water, which created the true European free market while respecting consumer rights
  • Right positioning of treatment equipment in Italian legislation to ensure energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions in summer and winter air conditioning systems
  • Mandatory water treatment in all summer and winter air-conditioning systems, new or renovated defined in the FAQ on water treatment in thermal systems published on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development on 1 August 2016 (water treatment in the heating circuit of thermal systems dedicated to winter air-conditioning is always mandatory
  • Since 2006, water treatment (softener filters, dosing systems and products for domestic water conditioning and heating circuits) has been the subject of tax incentives for energy efficiency (ECOBONUS)
  • Since 2000, water treatment has been a key factor in Legionella prophylaxis