EU tightening of air conditioners: from 2035 natural gas

Statements by Assoclima President Maurizio Marchesini.

We welcome after several months of discussion and confrontation, even intense, the imminent conclusion of the revision process of the F-gas Regulation. While we wait for the final text of the agreement, we are aware that we have years of frenetic technological development and innovation ahead of us to adapt structures and equipment to the future restrictions on the use of fluorinated refrigerants, guaranteeing the best possible energy efficiency.

The proposed deadlines partly mitigate what the European Commission initially envisaged and commit our industry to a sharp turn towards refrigerants with lower environmental impact or, for some categories, exclusively to non-fluorinated refrigerants. We feel it is our duty to express our appreciation for the discussions we have had over time with MEPs, representatives of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Safety, and the Permanent Representation, whose commitment has made it possible to agree on a revision as close as possible to the needs of our industry.

While appreciating the many steps forward that have been taken on some crucial issues, we cannot help but express considerable concern about the difficulties our supply chain will face due to the limitations on extra-EU exports, which are inconsistent in terms of timing and GWP limits with what is allowed within the EU.

We emphasise our opposition to the mandatory switch to non-fluorinated refrigerants for small split units and call for clarification on how exceptions related to safety requirements will apply in order to ensure the most uniform application of the new Regulation.  

This revolution in the Regulation is very challenging for our industry and we are ready to play our part in contributing to our continent's decarbonisation and climate neutrality goals, adopting a constructive approach that enhances the excellence our country can bring to the table. "Maurizio Marchesini, President of Assoclima, said.


EU tightening of air conditioners: from 2035 natural gas