Technologies represented

Panic exit devices

Bar device used for opening the doors located on the safety exits (13637 >> electrically controlled)

Mechanical locks one point of closure

One-point lock that uses a mechanical system (key or other device) to activate / deactivate the lock.

Multipoint locks

Lock comprising two or more locking points, interconnected with each other, in which at least two points are more than 200 mm apart from each other.

Electromechanical locks

Lock that uses an electrical system to activate / deactivate the lock.


Independent device consisting of a body and a locking mechanism (arc or pin) whose lock / release is controlled by a key.

Mechanical cylinders

Device, normally separated from the lock or closing system to which it is associated, whose operation (typically the rotation of a cam) is controlled by a key.

Mechatronic cylinders

Mechanical cylinder equipped with an integrated or remote electronic system that allows opening only through the use of the specific electronically authorized key.


Lever device, whose length from its rotation axis to its free end is greater than 75 mm, which engages a rod by making it rotate on its own axis.

Emergency handles

Device used for opening doors located on emergency exits (typically a lever handle or a push plate).

Close door (slide, compass)

Any mechanically operated door closing device, where the energy for closing is generated by the user when opening the door and which, when released, causes it to close in a controlled manner. The term includes arms, mounting plates, hinges, bushings and other parts supplied with the device and necessary for its installation and operation.


Electrically controlled device that allows a door to remain open at a set and / or adjustable angle.

Coordinators of the closing sequence

Device used to obtain the correct sequence of closing swing doors with two leaves, when controlled by a door closer.

Single axis and spring hinges

Single axis pin with more than two joints, with fixed or removable pin, the rotation axis of which is less than 30 mm from the edge of a movable element, for both lateral and top-suspended mounting.