7 July 2019

Manufacturers of refrigeration technology

Joins EUROVENT - Europe's Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies. 


Refrigerated counters with built-in refrigeration units; Refrigerated counters for small and medium-sized shops; Refrigerated counters for supermarkets; Traditional service refrigerated counters; Preparation rooms; Commercial cold rooms; Industrial cold rooms; Beverage coolers; Shelving; Cash desks; Refrigeration systems; Process refrigeration systems; Hermetic compressors; Open type compressors; Semi-hermetic compressors; Screw compressors; Condensing units.

Institutional relations

  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea
  • ISPRA – Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
  • Ministry of Healt
  • Istituto Superiore di Sanità
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • ICE – Agency for the Promotion Abroad and Internationalisation of Italian Enterprises
  • EUROVENT – Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies
  • Chambers of Commerce

Main trade fairs

Euroshop (Düsseldorf), Chillventa (Nürnberg), HOST (Milan), Refrigera Show (Piacenza).

Technical Committees


  • CTI/CT 245 Refrigeration Systems: industrial and commercial refrigeration (Coordinator ANIMA/Assofoodtec). In 2018 first coordination with CT 243 "Cooling systems: heat pumps, air conditioners, exchangers, compressors" and with CT 244 Refrigeration systems: safety and environmental protection
  • CEI/CT 59/61 Electrical consumer appliances for domestic and similar use


  • CEN/TC 44 Commercial and Professional Refrigerating Appliances and Systems, Performance and Energy Consumption: WG1 Commercial refrigerated display cabinets; WG 4 Walk-in cold rooms; WG 6 Commercial  beverage coolers and ice cream freezers; WG 7 Walk-in cold rooms packaged Refrigerating Units
  • Liaison con CEN/TC 182 Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements
  • CLC/TC 61 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
  • EUROVENT Association – Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Tecnologies: l’Associazione partecipa alle attività di EUROVENT, in particolare, tra i Product Group, due sono di interesse per il settore: PG-RDC (Commercial Refrigeration Equipment) e PG-CPR (Compression Equipment)


  • NSF 7 Commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • UL 471 Commercial refrigerators and freezers


  • ISO/TC 86/SC 7 Testing and rating of commercial refrigerated display cabinets.

Studies and publications

  • L'Industria della Refrigerazione Commerciale in Italia - 2016 edition by Assocold
  • L'Industria della Refrigerazione Commerciale in Italia - 2018 edition by Assocold
  • La nuova F-gas italiana – Il DPR 146/2018 – by Assofrigoristi with the patronage of Assofoodtec/Assocold, Assoclima and Legambiente