Meat Processing Machine Manufacturers

COMACA is the national association that represents the meat processing machinery and equipment sector and groups together qualified companies capable of supplying plants and equipment for slaughtering and processing meat into a very wide range of products.


Drying plants; Seasoning plants; Industrial washing machines for sausage factories and slaughterhouses; Cutting machines; Hamburger Machine; Meat mincers; Kneading machines; Massagers; Packaging machines; Clipping machines; Bagging machines; Tying machines; Syringing machines; Ovens and cooking machines; Cooked ham lines; Raw ham lines; Autoclaves for sterilisation; Pasteurisers for frankfurters; Sausage handling lines; Smoking units.

Institutional relations

  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • ICE – Agency for the Promotion Abroad and Internationalisation of Italian Enterprises
  • Chambers of Commerce

Technical Committees


  • UNI/CT 003/SC 53 Machines and plants for the food industry and catering
  • UNI/CT 003/SC 52 Materials and objects in contact with foodstuffs
  • UNI/CT 042/SC 01/GL 01 Safety of machinery


  • CEN/TC 153 Machinery intended for use with foodstuffs and feed: WG2 Meat Processing Machinery; WG12 Safety; WG13 Hygiene
  • CLC/TC 61 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances

Main trade fairs

Meat-Tech (Milan) e Iffa (Frankfurt).