29 August 2019

Washing equipment manufacturers


Front loading dishwashers; Hood-type dishwashers; Tunnel-type dishwashers; Basket and accessories; Bar equipment.

Institutional relations

  • Ministry of Healt
  • Istituto Superiore di Sanità
  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development

National Technical Committees

  • UNI/CT 003/SC 53 Machines and plants for the food industry and catering
  • UNI/CT 003/SC 52 "Materials and objects in contact with foodstuffs
  • UNI/CT 042/ SC 01/GL 01 Safety of machinery
  • CEI/CT 59/61 Household and similar electrical appliances

European Technical Committees

  • CEN/TC 429 Food Hygiene – Commercial warewashing machines
  • CLC/TC 61 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances

Technical Regulatory Committees for USA

  • NSF 3 Commercial warewashing equipment
  • UL 921 Commercial electric dishwashers.

Main trade fairs

Host (Milan)