28 July 2022

Assocold publishes a guide on Transition 4.0 for commercial refrigeration

The document provides simple guidance and clear tools to access the Plan's tax benefits

The Transizione 4.0 plan was created as part of a strategic vision: to support the Country System in taking the necessary steps to remain at the forefront and to offer support to companies investing in the modernisation, digitalisation, and efficiency enhancement of their machinery and production processes.

The partnership between Anima and ICIM SpA - the national certification body of reference in the field of industrial transformation and Industry 4.0 certification with over 1,800 certifications issued to date - supports companies in accessing the Transition 4.0 plan for the purchase of modern and efficient technologies with a view to safe investments that can be long-lasting.

To this end, Assocold has produced a guide entirely dedicated to the world of commercial refrigeration to provide customers and operators with simple indications and clear tools to safely access the tax benefits of the Transizione 4.0 Plan.

It is essential for Assocold companies to guarantee their customers good products together with a complete consulting service and technical expertise, including the important tax relief tools available to accelerate the adoption of the best and most advanced technologies.

We hope that our Transition 4.0 Guide can be a useful and effective tool to encourage and accompany food distribution companies and customers in Italy in the process of technological transition and environmental sustainability.

For more information: assocold@anima.it