Update Ecodesign Regulation (EU 2019/2024)

As of 1 September 2023, all class G products and class E/F/G ice cream freezers will no longer be allowed to be sold in Europe as they no longer comply with the Ecodesign Regulation (EU 2019/2024).

The date of the prohibition refers to the placing on the market, i.e. the dispatch/invoicing in the case of ex-works sales or in some markets the date of delivery/final invoicing in the case of sales of turnkey systems.
This will also have an impact on products destined for non-EU markets requiring EC labelling and declaration of conformity, which in turn implies compliance with Ecodesign and Energy Labelling requirements.

In order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and to better manage the new rules, it will be advisable to phase out the affected products in good time, also taking into account the risk of delayed shipments (late payments, site delays, etc.) and to carry out a stock check.