9 July 2019


ASSOGRIGLIATI's activity is mainly dedicated to the technical-regulatory aspects. In order to obtain a reference standard, in 1999 the members developed 'technical specifications' to stimulate the activity of the UNI 5 working group 'Electro-welded and / or pressed grating panels' which then developed the UNI 11002- 1-2-3, published in August 2002.

In 2005 we published the Guide to the use of grating - also available in English - to provide end users with technical-practical information for a greater knowledge of safety and product standards and for correct installation of the electro-welded and / or pressed grating. according to the regulations in force. The technical evaluations of the data reported in the Guide have been elaborated by ASSOGRIGLIATI with sector experts on the basis of tests carried out at the Politecnico di Milano.

ASSOGRIGLIATI is an active part of the UNI Commission for products, processes and systems for the building organization, of the Subcommittee of Partitions and external / internal closures, doors and windows, stairs and related work groups.

We are present at important trade fairs in Italy and abroad directly and / or through the ANIMA Federation.