Pressed and welded grating

Definitions of standard UNI 11002-1

  • ELECTROSALDED AND/OR PRESSED GRID A 'lattice structure consisting of bearing bars connected orthogonally to cross bars. The connection points between the two types of bars are referred to as nodes
  • ELECTROSALDED GRID "The bearing bars are joined to the cross bars by the combined action of electro-welding - without the addition of material - and pressure, concentrated on all the nodes. This process results in the interpenetration of the cross bars in the bearing bars"
  • PRESSED GRINDING "The connection of the bearing bars to the cross bars takes place by means of pressure exerted on the cross bars in order to achieve interlocking in the grooves prepared on the bearing bars. In some cases the grooves are also prepared on the cross bars"
  • DENTELLED Notched grating is a grating obtained by using as components bearing bars and/or cross bars in laminated or shear-bonded sections that are superficially equipped with appropriately shaped teeth with a non-slip function. Gratings for civil use

It is also defined as

  • ANTI-HEEL MESH GRATING "There is no regulatory reference, although it has normally become customary to define as anti-heel grating a grating that has either bearing bars or transverse bars with spacing equal to or less than 15 mm"
  • ANTI-WIRE OR "ANTI-BIZZLE" GRILLING A grating inserted in a flooring realised with meshes that cannot be crossed by a sphere of 2 cm in diameter (see DM 14/6/89 no. 236 art. 8.2.2)
  • GRATING FOR WORK PLATFORMS AND WALKWAYS Grating that meets the requirements described in standard UNI EN 14122-2 to which reference should be made
  • OFFSHORE GRATING Grating with notched bearing bars, obtained by alternating flat and round bars, which cannot be crossed by a sphere of 15 mm diameter


Pressed and welded grating