The Regulatory Context: Ecodesign

Pumps, being a key component in plants, are used in many sectors: construction, water cycle, industry, power generation, chemical, oil & gas...

All these areas of use are showing an increasing demand for energy savings and increasingly environmentally friendly solutions. Since 2004, Italian and European manufacturers have been working to propose solutions to these new challenges, under the auspices of a project of the European association EUROPUMP, called "EcoPump".

Today, European legislation imposes minimum energy efficiency requirements for clear water centrifugal pumps and circulation pumps. The legislation was promoted and developed with the support of EUROPUMP.

Other types of clear water and wastewater pumps are currently being studied to evaluate the imposition of new requirements.

In addition, during the last few years, studies and research have been developed to further increase energy savings through the implementation of the "Extended Product Approach" at the regulatory level, which considers the efficiency of the entire system consisting of pump, motor and control.

In this booklet, now in its fourth edition (May 2022) and published by the Assopompe Marketing Commission, the eco-design requirements imposed on pumps by the European Commission today are summarised.

The publication also gives an overview of what new requirements are currently being considered for a forthcoming update of the European regulations.


The Regulatory Context: Ecodesign