9 July 2019


Founded in 2006 out of the need for companies to have a specific and organised institutional referent, Assosegnaletica welcomes within its ranks not only manufacturers, but also operators involved in the installation and maintenance of vertical and horizontal signs.

The Association's mission is to enhance the category, work for the sharing of objectives, increase professionalism in the sector, and organise training and information events aimed at the Public Administration.

Road signage is part of the Italian manufacturing industry. It is one of the 34 sectors of ANIMA mechanics that protects and represents 1.000 companies with a total turnover of Euro 48.5 billion. The sector, including allied industries, employs more than 10,000 people. There are 41 member companies, with plants all over the country.

The points of interest on which Assosegnaletica's activities focus arise from the reports received directly from the companies involved: from public tenders and tender procedures to the qualification of demand and supply; from the qualification of products to the verification and control of operators and products, up to the financing reserved for signage.

The interlocutors with whom the association aims to develop a constructive dialogue are first and foremost the public administration and the certifying bodies, without forgetting other actors representing the expression of demand (e.g. designers) and of course the media.

Assosegnaletica represents companies that share a high ethical and professional standard and play an active role in Italy's economic and industrial development. Member companies undertake to adopt a fair and correct attitude towards customers, suppliers and competitors.