29 January 2019

School safety: experimental high visibility signage in Turin

Signage with high visibility fluorinated reflective films to ensure safety around school buildings.

The 8 pedestrian crossings to make some of the city's crossings easy to spot in the City of Turin have been completed, helping to increase motorists' attention.

The works, which started last November on the occasion of the first World Day in Memory of Road Victims, are part of the pilot project 'Sicurezza Scuole' (Safety in Schools) stimulated by FLG - Fondazione Luigi Guccione Vittime della Strada Onlus (Luigi Guccione Foundation for Road Victims Onlus) and carried out thanks to the contribution of ASSOSEGNALETICA, which offered the City of Turin the supply and installation of the systems.

 Moving around safely is a right that children must be able to exercise at all times, especially between home and school," emphasises Maria Lapietra, the Turin City Councillor for Mobility. We have to work on a real civil and respectful sharing of the road between the different users, remembering the fragility of those who move on foot and how the well-being of all benefits from a general slowing down of daily rhythms, as well as driving".

Thinking about a mode with as few cars as possible in built-up areas is an essential objective," explains FLG president Giuseppe Guccione. We are nominating Turin to build a House for Girls and Boys on the Move, a physical place of study, research and action, a reference point for Italian cities. Change is possible, starting from our future: children, young people, families, schools!"

 "The Association of Road Signs and Signals Entrepreneurs has been committed to promoting a new culture of road safety since its inception. We know that with our work we contribute to the safety of those who cross the roads and those who drive," says Assosegnaletica president Rudy Fabbri. We hope that this pilot project will set a good example.

Since this is an experimental sign, the municipalities are obliged to apply directly to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for authorisation to experiment".