Technologies represented

Operator cabs and cowlings

  • Operator's cabin Specially designed construction for the protection of people (for example machine operators) from environmental noise, consisting of a completely enveloping structure. Soundproofing cabins on machinery fall within the scope of the Machinery Directive.
  • Canopy Structure that covers or houses a sound source (machine) or parts of it to protect the environment from the same source.


Laying of soundproofing and sound-absorbing materials on steel pipes and casings for both thermal and acoustic purposes.

Power generation systems

Intake and exhaust systems installed on turbines (mainly gas) capable of combining the function of filtering the inlet air and soundproofing the noise emitted by the sound source (machine) to protect the environment from the source itself.

Screens and Separators

Fixed or mobile object designed to shield one or more specified positions of an area determined by the noise of one or more sound sources.


A device that reduces sound transmission through a conduit, pipe or opening without impeding the transport of the transmission medium. This category includes absorption silencers, reactives, resonators, plenums or their various compositions.

Environmental sound-absorbing treatments

Application of sound-absorbing material inside the work environment in order to attenuate the reverberated noise.