9 July 2019


The main institutional purposes of CICOF are:

  • define quality standards
  • to elaborate general conditions of supply and assembly
  • sponsor the organization of events
  • coordinate participation, set up commissions for the study of particular issues (safety regulations, relations with regulatory and unification bodies, etc.).

CICOF, through ANIMA, is part of the Confindustria system and as such can take advantage of the representation it has with the authorities as well as all the agreements and services offered.

The technical support that CICOF provides to its members is strong both in the legislative and regulatory fields. In fact, training, information and advice on the correct interpretation of EU and national directives / legislation continues, in order to allow the manufacturer to design and build their "machines" in compliance with them.

As regards the regulatory activity, the Association oversees, with its delegates, the national and international committees of interest.

CICOF is a member of the CECOF (Comité Européen des Constructeurs de Fours et d'Equipements Thermiques Industriels), a body that brings together the national associations of the main European countries.