Italy ranks first in Europe and fifth in the world for the Asme brand on pressure

For the first time Asme, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which holds the authorship of the certification mark, held one of its meetings in Europe in 2016.

Italy was chosen to host it, "at the top of the European ranking of users of the American code relating to pressure equipment, surpassing even Germany, the eternal competitor. Worldwide, Italian companies holds fifth place. Italy, therefore, is among the largest producers of pressure equipment in the world" says Jon Labrador, Asme Managing Director Conformity Assessment.

Asme is equivalent to a guarantee that concerns everyone closely, because it is intended for products such as the boiler everyone has at home. It also invests devices that determine nuclear, oil & gas, biomedical, electricity generation and everything related to pressure.

Asme is joined by 75 countries around the world. In Italy, the American association has found in Ucc, the association of boiler manufacturers, federated with ANIMA, an adequate interlocutor for key issues in the sector. Ucc is defined by Asme representatives as a real benefit.

What does Asme certify?

The processes, from design to construction to the installation of the component or machine, and the final product.

The certification guarantees the quality of the product and maximum safety, reducing the risks involved. The commercial interlocutor puts trust in the Asme brand which is, therefore, a facilitator of exports.

The code is updated every two years. This is why there is a tendency for constant training and information on a global level.

"Thanks to the support of Ucc, European and other entrepreneurs were able to ask for clarification and discuss sectoral issues. The complexity of the field has raised a lot of anticipation in this initiative” says Paul Jang, Asme Director of Auditing and Inspection Conformity Assessment.

The entrepreneurs who produce the materials involved in the process, the carpentry, the welding professionals up to the inspectors, were present in the room. Bergamo is also an area inhabited by a good number of manufacturing companies in the sector, among the largest in terms of size.


Italy ranks first in Europe and fifth in the world for the Asme brand on pressure