9 July 2019


UCRS member companies collectively develop a turnover of more than 11 million euros, of which about 82 percent is for export.

The aim is to promote and protect the sector at the national, European and world levels, promoting technical-regulatory activities aimed at updating and issuing product and system technical standards. that European and to promote technical-regulatory activity apt for the drafting of product technical standards of an international nature.

At the national level, the normative activity is developed within the Technical Commissions (TC) CIG (delegated by UNI for gas sector standardization); in particular, UCRS is currently active in the Working Groups of the following main Technical Commissions:

  •   UNI/CT 102 “Misura e Trasporto”
  •   UNI/CT 105 “Distribuzione”; 
  •   UNI/CT 112 “Odorizzazione”
  •   UNI/CT 114 “Componenti d’impianto e attrezzature”. 
At the national level, regulatory activity is developed within the framework of the CIG Commissions
  • Misura e Trasporto
  • Distribuzione
  • Componenti d’impianto ed attrezzature
  • Odorizzazione.
At the international level, standardization activity is developed within the CEN and ISO Technical Committees (TCs) dealing with gas infrastructure equipment and systems; and in particular, the most important ones are:
  • SO TC 161/WG5 “Control and protective devices for gas and/or oil burners and appliances - High pressure controls”;
  • ISO/TC 67/WG7 “Corrosion resistant materials”
  • Sector Forum Gas Infrastructure (SFG-I);
  • CEN/TC 234 “Gas Infrastructure” (in particular, WG6 “Gas pressure regulation” and WG13 “Pre-Normative Research H2NG/H2”)
  • CEN/CT 235 “Pressure regulators and associated safety shut-off devices for use in gas transmission and distribution”;
Lobbying is carried out at European level, where UCRS companies are also members of  FARECOGAZ (European Association of Manufacturers of Gas Meters, Gas Pressure Regulators and Associated Safety Devices and Stations).