Dogana Facile

ANIMA, through its service company ASA and in cooperation with the consultancy firm Easyfrontier, offers member companies the opportunity to set up easy customs procedures at preferential rates.

ANIMA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the General Directorate of the Customs Agency in order to increase cooperation between the respective organisations and to prevent and combat illegal trafficking.

Dogana Facile provides advice, information and assistance on strategic, legal and management aspects related to customs. It provides its member companies with the expertise of Easyfrontier experts in order to facilitate smooth and efficient operations related to international trade:

  • Origin of goods
  • Dual use
  • Made in
  • Customs classification
  • Bilateral agreements
  • REX registration
  • Incoterms
  • Duties and documentation for exporting to specific countries

Dogana Facile promotes several facilitating institutions dedicated to exporting companies: Customs clearance at the approved location; Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) authorisation and Authorised Exporter status.

Customs clearance at approved location

With this authorisation, the company can export and import its products without having to go through customs, replacing them by self-certifying the information relating to the exported or imported goods. The goods then leave and arrive already cleared through customs directly from the company's warehouses, free of all customs formalities. The company that activates the local clearance procedure enjoys a number of advantages, including:

  • elimination of waiting time for goods in Customs
  • significant reduction in transaction costs 
  • real-time receipt of the "exit visa" for exports from the customs office of exit from the European Union
  • deferment of the payment of customs duties (duty and VAT) by an average of thirty days

Customs clearance at the approved location can be activated with a representative contribution for member companies thanks to and through ASA which assists in all dealings with the Customs Agency by producing Customs declarations and sending them directly electronically on behalf of the company.

Authorized Economic Operator (OEA)

The Authorized Economic Operator certification allows to speed up Customs procedures and simplify controls in all international trades. Obtaining this status allows economic operators to qualify as "reliable" subjects both with respect to the other operators in the chain and with respect to European and non-European Customs Authorities. The status allows the application of appreciable simplifications in Customs matters and security controls for all goods arriving at and leaving the company. The main advantages of AEO are:

  • preferential channels for customs clearance
  • Radical simplification in obtaining any customs authorisation
  • up to 95% fewer physical and documentary checks by Customs
  • Prior notification of all customs controls
  • alleviation and elimination of security checks by third countries.

Status of Approved Exporter

Approved exporter is a person who can make "statements of preferential origin" - generally invoice declarations - which replace the normal EUR 1 certificate in trade with countries that allow this facility. The Authorisation is issued by the competent Customs Office and allows the company holding it to benefit from reduced or zero duty.
Easyfrontier's experts are available to discuss all the technical aspects with you in a personalised, free meeting at your company.


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INCU - International Network of Customs Universities

ANIMA is an institutional member of INCU - International Network of Customs Universities in order to ensure that companies in the Mechanics sector always have up-to-date content on customs issues and to represent the interests of Italian companies at institutional tables.

The International Network of Customs Universities, is a non-profit organisation established to promote academic training of the customs profession, favouring the dissemination of best practices within the institutions in charge of International Trade. The INCU works in collaboration with the World Customs Organisation, in particular within the PICARD (Partnerships in Customs Academic Research and Development) programme.