GEC - Green Economy Confederation

Green Economy Confederation (GEC) represents a group of companies oriented to the development of initiatives with positive environmental effects and to the development of circular economy in China.

GEC intends to express the friendship and collaboration between Italy and China committed to combine eco-friendly industrial solutions to the needs related to the economic development of the market.

GEC's mission is to guide the modernization and transformation of both traditional industries and environmental service industries in China and to provide Italian enterprises with the widest opportunities in the Chinese market. 


GEC was formed by ANIMA (Federation of National Associations of the Miscellaneous and Related Mechanics Industry) and EnviroVest Industry Limited (EnviroVest) in September 2019.

September 24, 2019, Guangzhou, China. In the presence of the Italian Consul General in Guangzhou and ICE Agency, a wide-ranging collaboration agreement was signed between the Federation of National Associations of the Miscellaneous and Related Mechanics Industry (ANIMA) and EnviroVest, aimed at introducing Made in Italy high-end manufacturing and environmental-related technologies and equipment to China so as to modernize and transform the traditional manufacturing and environmental services industries in the country.

EnviroVest is an international company providing comprehensive integrated environmental technology services and solutions. Founded in China and equipped with advanced environmental technologies from Europe, as well as management experience from years of initiatives and proven expertise, Envirovest has built an extensive political and commercial network and capital and is now ready to serve the international community. Its efforts and commitment in the field of environmental protection have been confirmed and firmly supported by European and Chinese countries and leadership groups.

At the Paris Climate Conference, French President Emmanuel Macron met informally with Ms. Song, President of Envirovest. Macron by presenting her with an autographed "Let's Make Our Planet Great Again" Conference plaque from him, as a gesture of encouragement and support for EnviroVest's "Go Green" program.

In 2018, Ms. Song launched the "Green Action" initiative in Europe, which introduces and promotes advanced environmental technologies and services in emerging countries. Her initiative has gained support from governments, industry organizations, and manufacturers of advanced environmental technologies and practices in member countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Finland.

July 2017, Zhang Ping, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, conducted an inspection at EnviroVest's Nanjing headquarters expressing appreciation for the good results achieved and fully confirming EnviroVest's efforts in enforcing environmental pollution laws.

Memorandum of Understanding

The signing of the MoU involves the "Jiangbei New District", an industrial park for the production of intelligent technologies in the province of Jiangsu, and Anima. The Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou also played an active role in the drafting and signing of the MoU, through the involvement of ICE Agency within the agreement.

In an effort to showcase the strengths of Italian companies in technology and expertise, and to help Italian companies explore the potential of the Chinese market, the MoU establishes a strategic partnership between ANIMA and the Jiangbei New District through GEC, to guide companies in the Jiangsu market, facilitate technical collaboration and support the growth and expansion of environmental business in both Italy and China. 

GEC received strong support from Italian and Chinese governments and agencies, including ICE Agency and Nanjing Municipality.

  • ICE Agency is the Italian governmental organization that supports the business development of Italian companies in southern China by providing information, assistance and consulting to both Italian and foreign companies. It also provides support to Italian companies in their development activities abroad, putting them in contact with possible partners.
  • Jiangbei, new Nanjing District and GEC are in talks to form a strategic partnership to provide collaboration opportunities in the city and province.
  • GEC is also actively involved in seeking business opportunities for Italian companies in the Chinese market. Multiple projects are underway involving soil and groundwater remediation and Italian lifestyle villages.


  • GEC has focused first of all on the technologies of the mechanical sector that can determine positive effects on the environment.
  • GEC is committed to the introduction of advanced and environmentally friendly technologies and systems from Italy into China, in an effort to accompany China's traditional industries and service industries towards modernization and transformation and at the same time to provide Italian companies with the widest opportunities available in the Chinese market.
  • GEC supports and promotes innovative projects and technologies through dedicated initiatives, events and meetings aimed at supporting different companies to find a common ground that leads to identify technical solutions to reduce pollution, treat waste, protect the environment, activate circular economy trends in the industrial sector.

MembersGEC is open to all European companies able to put in place solutions aimed at achieving the common goal in the environmental field expressed in the 17 principles contained in the UN Global Compact and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



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