International Relations

Interpreting the current international situation, knowing the opportunities and threats, resetting traditional export logics on different horizons, fostering knowledge of unexplored destinations and anticipating market trends and business opportunities.

ANIMA is the ideal partner in this process, offering companies in the mechanical sector the most suitable tools to approach and consolidate the presence of Italian excellence on foreign markets, together with the ICIM certification body founded by ANIMA in 1988 and in collaboration with its partners Easy Frontier and Winh.

  • Participation in Events, Fairs, Working Tables and Coordination Meetings with national and international Institutions, Bodies and Associations in Italy and abroad representing ANIMA in particular in the initiatives carried out with the contribution of the ICE Agency.
  • Operational and informative support to ANIMA officials and associated companies for any eventualities and requests related to relations with the ICE Agency Headquarters and Foreign Network.
  • Monitoring of international working tables at the relevant bodies and organisations, such as the Ministry for Economic Development and Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Chambers of Commerce, Embassies and Consulates.
  • Definition of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Italian and foreign institutions, bodies, associations, consortia and companies. Among the existing MoUs, the one signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is of particular importance.
  • Specific and personalised advice on customs, tax and legal issues, in particular through the Dogana Facile project, active since 2007.


International missions and trade fairs

  • The Area promotes the organisation of business missions to target countries in collaboration with Confindustria and ICE offices worldwide.
  • It organises collective Italian presences at the main foreign trade fairs - with a view to enhancing the value of "Made in Italy" - in synergy with the ICE offices worldwide or privately.It organises collective Italian presences at the main foreign trade fairs - with a view to enhancing the value of "Made in Italy" - in synergy with the ICE offices worldwide or privately.
  • It defines incoming initiatives for foreign delegations at trade fairs and Italian events promoted by ANIMA Confindustria.

Desk Anima-Ice Agenzia

It deals with the Design, Coordination, Promotion, Implementation, Monitoring and Administrative Management of national and international promotional initiatives organised in collaboration with ICE Agency in cooperation with ANIMA for its reference sectors. It provides timely information on funding opportunities and public facilities for entering foreign markets.

Desk India, Eau, Africa Sub-Sahariana

The Desks are active in some of the most interesting areas for mechanics. They carry out everything necessary for business development within the territories concerned, from the search for agents to feasibility analysis, from inclusion on the vendor lists of the country's main players to certification with the EPCs and identification of open projects.

Export days

Annual events organised by ANIMA in collaboration with ICE, which combine a purely institutional and informative part with the presentation of market data and international overviews with a large session dedicated to business meetings with incoming operators invited by ICE Agency, on the basis of the preferences expressed by members in a preliminary survey, both in terms of buyers' foreign markets of origin and the companies they intend to deal with. Ample space is also dedicated to company visits.

Incoming Initiatives

  • Specialised and operational meetings on countries of strategic development for the Mechanics sector, including a complete economic outlook, aimed at encouraging interaction and direct comparison between companies, speakers and authoritative professionals in the international sphere
  • Incoming foreign delegations to Italian trade fairs and events promoted by ANIMA Confindustria.

Training workshops

Professional training courses aimed at developing the managerial skills needed to operate abroad.

ANIMA Servizi internazionalizzazione