Legal advice to companies

We provide member companies and federated associations with support for the interpretation and dissemination of the provisions relating to the construction and marketing of products of interest to mechanical engineering companies.

In addition to general comments on the provisions, the consultancy service also offers companies and associations the possibility of resolving specific problems associated with the interpretation and application of the regulations concerning industrial sectors and products.

The service even helps the associated companies define the problems associated with the application of the regulations, in order to make them easier to resolve.

It is available to provide consultancy services for technical/legal and statutory aspects in relations between and with federations, associations, institutions, Confindustria and the ministries.

With regard to internal relations, the service collaborates with the associations in the drafting of the articles of association and their application.

The most important topics covered by the service:

  • relationship between voluntary technical standards and laws
  • relationship between EU and domestic legislation
  • counterfeiting and false marking of products
  • businesses and consumers
  • competition and misleading advertising
  • protection of confidentiality
  • environmental standards
  • relations with domestic institutions
  • legal metrology

The service disseminates news and updates on the laws that affect the associated companies through communications and articles published by Anima’s magazine, L’Industria Meccanica.