Technical division

The ANIMA Technical Division promotes the common interests of mechanical engineering companies and provides support and continuous updating services for member companies, which cover the main issues of interest for the so-called internal market, as well as matters pertaining to institutional relations.

For the internal market, the Technical Division’s activities cover topics like: product directives, safety, technical regulations, energy and environmental legislation, and voluntary product and system certifications. In the field of institutional relations, the Technical Division guarantees ANIMA’s participation in the process of defining the Government’s industrial policies, identifying the strategic topics for the mechanical engineering industry for which effective advocacy activities must be taken.

The Federation’s Technical Division:

  • is a place for sharing and defining ANIMA’s industrial policy topics
  • manages institutional relations in the technical and regulatory areas: Government and Ministries, European Institutions, and Institutional Technical Bodies
  • coordinates the technical sectoral activities of the ANIMA federated Associations
  • acts as a monitor of the vertical technical activities (supervision of technical legislation in general, Orgalim monitoring, Confindustria monitoring)
  • promotes collaboration with strategic technical partners for the provision of services to Members (certification bodies, standardisation bodies, and Confindustria associations).

Assistance for member companies

We provide member companies with technical support and specialised services in the following sectors:

  • technical-regulatory advice on: European directives and horizontal and sectoral legislation, System and product certification, and Workplace safety
  • organisation of ANIMA technical training (courses and seminars)
  • regulatory development activities.