The Research Office

The Anima Research Office provides detailed and up-to-date economic analysis tools, available to member companies, institutions, economists, students and journalists, which are useful for analysing the dynamics of the mechanical engineering industrial sectors and the scenario in which the companies operate.

The Research Office drafts in-depth reports analysing the sector, the businesses operating therein, and the main outlet markets, accompanied by an economic and financial analysis of the businesses themselves. These insights into the main phenomena affecting the various and related mechanical engineering industries make it possible to support industrial policy in an objective and documented manner.

The sectoral investigations make use of partnerships with established university professors and various federated associations in Anima. The Research Office:

  • draws up the tables and the economic insert in collaboration with the magazine L’Industria Meccanica
  • prepares the following tables: “Average hourly cost of the mechanical engineering worker”, “Price list of the materials of interest to the mechanical engineering sector”, “Statistical surveys of the average rates for personnel services in Italy and abroad”
  • collaborates with various institutions, including Istat, Confindustria Research Centre, Cresme, and other research centres of major Italian universities and various banking institutes, as well as with the group of Orgalim economists.

White papers

(Ministry of Finance) makes it possible to prepare the sector’s “white papers”, which provide a detailed analysis of the various sectors of the Italian mechanical engineering industry, through the study of all the companies, including those with a turnover of less than €5 million.

Sectors analysed: Hydraulic pumps, Valves and taps, Espresso coffee machines for professional use, Finishing systems for surface treatment, Boilerwork, Machines and systems for lifting and handling, Refrigeration equipment for trade, Measuring instruments for gas, water and fuel, Primary water treatment.