Assoclima's activity is divided into the following areas

Technical Area (Technical Commission)

Monitoring and examination of European and Italian legislation, drafting of summary documents and position papers, contacts with European committees, regulatory bodies and competent ministries.

Marketing area (Marketing and communication commission)

Statistical survey on the market of components for air conditioning systems through annual and quarterly surveys on the number of pieces and turnover divided by types of devices and organization of the annual presentation event of statistical data.

Communication Area (Marketing and Communication Commission - Energy and Environment Commission)

Writing of articles for specialized magazines and press office, production of vademecum, manuals, white papers and guidelines, management of information websites and social networks.

Through the Energy and Environment Commission, political and institutional relations are maintained to promote the development of the electric Heat Pumps market in the context of the country's energy and environmental policies, e.g. Energy and Climate Plan, SEN Strategy, decarbonisation, tariff and incentives, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in buildings.

Some goals we have achieved

  • Introduction of experimental tariff D1 reserved for heat pumps for domestic customers;
  • Signing of an agreement with Enel for the promotion of heat pump air conditioning and the electric carrier for the efficient use of energy;
  • Extension Tax deductions 65% for energy requalification (formerly 55%) and 50% for building renovation;
  • Introduction of the new Thermal Account in favor of heat pump technology and product showcase on the GSE website and product collection for the Catalog of domestic appliances.
  • Carrying out important studies and market research on air conditioning technologies through the collaboration with Confindustria, Ref-e, Rse, Gse, and Cresme;
  • Elaboration of an even more complete, detailed and updated statistical survey of the sector at national and European level: constant product and technological updating, high representativeness;
  • Active participation in the drafting of the new F-gas regulation and eco-design and labeling regulations in favor of the air conditioning sector;
  • Creation of an association site dedicated to heat pumps aimed at the end user;
  • Greater visibility and enhancement of the association and member companies through the promotion of the best air conditioning technologies.