Our aim is to transmit and promote a real culture of environmental comfort both within the supply chain (designers, installers and distributors) and with the institutions with which we interface (mainly ministries, Parliament, ENEA, GSE, AEEGSI in Italy and the EU Commission in Brussels).

Some achievements

  • Extension of 65% tax deductions for energy requalification (ex 55%) and 50% for building renovation
  • IIntroduction in the tax deductions and in the new Conto termico of hybrid appliance technology with integrated condensing boiler and heat pump operating in an optimised manner thanks to intelligent logic
  • Simplification of combustion flue gas evacuation (wall exhaust) for low NOx condensing boilers
  • Completion of the statistical sector survey with extension to instantaneous gas water heaters
  • Acquisition of European funding under the horizon2020 package for end-user awareness-raising activities on the advantages of replacing old appliances
  • Collaboration with ENEA and the Ministry of Economic Development for the drafting of a guide for the operation, maintenance and efficiency control of thermal systems

We collaborate with the company Cattaneo Zanetto and have a presence in Rome with the ANIMA office.