9 July 2019


Founded in 1952, AVR today brings together 70 of the most qualified and prestigious companies in a sector that in Italy has an aggregate turnover of 7.5 billion euros, with over 60% of exports and a total of 27 thousand employees.

The member companies employ 15 thousand people and have a turnover of over 3.8 billion, 65% of which is exported, and produce a wide range of products:

  • for civil construction (sanitary fittings, valves for heating systems and fire prevention valves, components and accessories, fittings), for industry in general and special industries (chemical, petrochemical, energy, steel, shipbuilding and food)
  • for public utility works (aqueducts, water treatment plants, purifiers and irrigation)

For more than 60 years, AVR has been creating the conditions for its members to manufacture products that are fully compliant with market requirements, directives and regulations. Efficiency, quality and reliability are fundamental elements of the production of our associates who do not neglect the importance of constant innovation in technology and, in some cases, in design.


AVR is founder and active member of CEIR, European Association for the Taps and  Valves Industry. Founded in 1959 as the European Federation of National Associations of Manufacturers, CEIR.

  • brings together a broad representation of European valve and fitting companies
  • supports the principles of free economy and private enterprise in Europe and worldwide
  • represents the common economic, technological and scientific interests of the European valve industries, in particular in international institutions and economic and trade forums