Unified Water Label

The WATER LABEL is a voluntary European labelling scheme initiated by tap and valve manufacturers to improve the water consumption and performance of taps, valves and showerheads.

The Water Label informs consumers about the actual water and energy consumption of bathroom products.

The Unified Water Label (UWL) has continued to grow in recent months and the industry now has an opportunity to support the path towards a voluntary agreement (VA), at the Ecodesignn Consultation Forum in Brussels. The European Commission's DG Environment has invited representatives to present UWL at this Forum to examine the VA proposal put forward by UWL and seek evidence of the pathway to represent 80% of units sold in the market.

The success of UWL is now in the hands of the industry and the time is right for all manufacturers to show their support so that this target of 80% of units sold (initially taps and showers) can be achieved. To do this, products must be registered and the label visible on websites, product information material and installation guides.  

The UWL and the European Bathroom Forum invite all manufacturers, retailers and distributors to stand up for their position and commit to the UWL by signing letters of commitment, for brands that are already registered and for those that are not yet registered. Letters of commitment in support can be requested from the AVR Secretariat which promotes the label in Italy and represents it.

Voluntary agreement

In December 2018, the European Commission officially announces that it is willing to sign the "Voluntary Agreement" with industry representatives - A result achieved thanks to the lobbying efforts of EBF, CEIR and AVR. The Voluntary Agreement recognises the Water Label as the tool to achieve the water saving targets of the ECODESIGN Directive.

The voluntary agreement includes some binding conditions:

  • Commitment of the manufacturers to register all taps and showers placed on the European market with the Water Label and to make the label as visible as possible on their products.
  • Demonstration of the Water Label's ability to cover at least 80% of the products marketed in Europe within two years of signing the agreement.
  • Appointment of an independent inspector who, through the collection of sales data from companies, will be able to verify the actual market coverage of the Water Label.
  • Industry support is essential to the success of the initiative.

EBF European Bathroom Forum is an informal European platform established in 2017, supported by 63 European manufacturers and 9 organisations and associations (CEIR is a founding member). This platform brings together all stakeholders in one voice with the intention to promote and influence consumers on the importance of water efficiency. EBF aims to create and promote the 'UNIFIED WATER LABEL'. The new label is the evolution of the CEIR Water Label.

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Unified Water Label