White Paper of the Italian boilers

The boilers sector is at the forefront of the Italian manufacturing system, thanks to the specialization and professionalism of its companies.

This study frames the boiler plant in a broader context, highlighting the role acquired by mechanics and plant engineering in our industrial system and outlines the state of health of the sector.

The first chapter was dedicated to the presentation of the main productions that characterize the sector.

The second chapter shows the analysis of import / export data in the five-year period 2010-2014. International trade data, relating to the exchange between different countries, provide valuable information for the comparison between the Italian production system and the production system of competing countries.

In the third chapter, a conjunctural analysis of the sector was conducted, with particular attention to its role and weight within the macro-sector of industrial plant engineering. Italian plant engineering has always been a lever for global penetration and growth in the main industrial sectors (petrochemicals, chemicals, energy, water and transport).

In the macro-sector operate companies related to the production of turbines, industrial valves, gas regulators, and more generally, in the supply of engineering services, equipment and machinery, intended for the construction of industrial plants, infrastructures and production systems, necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the systems themselves.

In the fourth chapter, in-depth interviews were conducted, supported by the analysis of official documents (financial statements and management reports). After analyzing the value chain, the main current and prospective trends have been identified, among which a strong international vocation, a strong specialization and a marked differentiation stand out, from which significant competitive advantages are achieved.

Lastly, a financial analysis was carried out aimed at reviewing the main financial statement indicators, on a basis that includes almost all the companies in the sector, in order to assess their economic performance and the adequacy of the financial structure in the period runs from 2009 to 2014. The data were used to evaluate indicators such as profitability, management efficiency, investment dynamics, sector solidity and to obtain important information on the state of health of the sector and on the dynamics of investments.

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White Paper of the Italian boilers