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Ask the experts: legal assistance, technical regulations, design, welding, quality, EU directives, customs issues.

We will reply as quickly as possible on the following issues.


Expert advice and assistance


Interpretation and updating of standards: ASME, EN, AD Merkblätter AD 2000, VSG, VSR and possible specific technical consultation


Technical consultation about the planning and drawing stages. Possible assistance on the problems arising


Assistance on the choice of filler material and on the main welding techniques. The Expert will be able to suggest any welding techniques and systems


General information on product quality and technical approaches to be followed during the manufacturing phases of a product

EU directives

Guide through the process of product certification in accordance with EU Directives. The Expert will also answer questions regarding the interpretation of the individual directives


Targeted consultancy on Import-Export issues and on the management of customs procedures.

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The expert replies